Viking VPN Politics Blog Introduction

In cyberspace,

                There is a seemingly never ending tug of war between those that want your personal information, and those trying to keep it private (1). Government Agencies (1)(2), Law Enforcement (1)(2)(3), Marketing Companies (1), Internet Service Providers (1), Clandestine Organizations (1)(2)(3)(4), and even your Utility Providers (1) all want unfettered access to every aspect of your life that they can get their hands on, without your knowledge (1)(2).

                Ongoing legal battles seem to face an uphill battle of existing and a barrage of proposed legislation (1) seems to be bombarding the internet on a quarterly basis. This blog targets threats to privacy, and the erosion of the free and open exchange of information that was fostered in by the information age. We will report on proposed legislation, legal battles, loopholes, and actions taken by governments around the world to limit privacy and liberty (1) on the internet.

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