Google Security Researchers Claim That 80 Percent of News Organizations Get Attacked by State Actors

Researches from Google, speaking at the Black Hat Conference 2014 in Singapore, have claimed that over eighty percent of news organizations get attacked by state actors. This represent a disproportionately large group of attacks by highly sophisticated hackers backed by large budgets and shielded legally by state sponsorship.

In the short stub written by The Guardian, they discuss loosely what kind of attacks these represent. It appears that Google has technology to detect attempts to spoof users into divulging information or opening malicious attachments in order to steal user information or directly steal data from the target computer.

If the technology is tripped, you are notified by a banner in your Gmail that says "Warning We believe that attackers backed by certain states may be attempting to compromise your account or computer" with a link to "protect yourself now" in the banner.

The simplest version of these attacks, one that the Syrian Electronic Army successfully used against The Guardian, is phishing.

If you get an email that requests your user information, do not click on anything and delete the email immediately. Another method is giving you false pages which ask you to log in. Never click on links within emails, navigate to the pages manually by typing the address into the address bar. This will make it so links that take you to fake sites are never executed.

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