My FOIA Freedom of Information Act Request for my own NSA PRISM Data

I made a FOIA Freedom of Information Act Request for my NSA PRISM data.  I asked for any data, records, dossiers, documents, etc related to me, Micah Greene.  It took them a couple of weeks to send me their rejection letter.  You can find it in full, below.  I redacted a few things that might be too personally identifying to me, like my full physical address, and the case #(although I'm not sure if the case # would matter or not.)

If you don't want to read the entire thing, I can sum it up for you; My request was rejected because the existence or non-existence of such records is classified.  I'm not allowed to know what they have on me in PRISM, or even if they have anything(I'm pretty damn certain that they do.).

I am planning to appeal this.  I'm  no lawyer, but I think that I can appeal it because my data cannot possibly be related in any way to counter-terrorism or national security.  My data is simply that of your average 30 year old balding ginger living in the midwest.  I'm not a threat to anybody.  Or maybe I am, because I'm publishing this article?  If so, that says scary things about our democracy.

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