FCC Privacy Regulations Gutted by Senate

There's a lot of news coverage of this issue, which is a good thing.  We're not going to spend a lot of time to re-hash what everyone else is already saying:  This is bad.  This is stupid.

Viking VPN Service is against this action, and urges House & Senate Republicans to reconsider.  This regulation was good for consumers, regardless of the political party of the President who ordered it.

Why is Viking VPN Service opposed to gutting this regulation?  

One could argue that gutting it is good for our business - more customers will want our VPN Service if they know their private browsing data is being sold by their ISP.

We're opposed because of two things:

1. We're not horrible people who just want to make money.  We're an privacy-rights activist company.

2. Anti-Privacy measures like this are a slippery slope.  Today it's the removal of FCC regulations that protect consumers.  Tomorrow it could be the removal of the right of encrypted, no-logging, VPN Services to exist.

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