FBI & District Attorney Daniel Conley Say Some Really Stupid Things About Encryption On Capitol Hill

This article is a brief overview.  Full transcription of this hearing can be found here.

The FBI has been proposing that a backdoor should be built into all encryption, a backdoor that only US law enforcement could access; something that is neither technologically nor logistically possible.  Apart from not being possible, it's very obviously not desirable as it would make everyone less safe.

The FBI took their insanely stupid & nonsensical proposal to Congress.  Hilariously ignorant phrases were uttered there.  A sampling of them is below.

Amy Hess, the FBI's executive assistant director for science & technology said the following amazingly ignorant things:

"We believe that security risks associated with lawfully authorized access are better addressed by developing solutions during the design phase rather than resorting to a patchwork solution after the product or service has been deployed."

"The challenge to Law Enforcement has been heightened with the advent of default encryption settings and stronger encryption standards."

Daniel Conley, Boston District Attorney, said the following amazingly ignorant things:

 "Last year, when Apple & Google announced their new Operating System, they touted that the technology would not allow Law Enforcement, even with a court order, to access information on it's mobile  devices.  In America, we often say that none of us is above the law.  But when corporate interests place crucial evidence beyond the legitimate reach of our courts, they are in fact granting those who rape, defraud, assault, or even kill a profound legal advantage over victims and society."

"For 200 over years of American jurisprudence our courts have balanced the rights of individuals against society, but in this case, in one fell swoop, Apple and Google have upended it.  They have created hiding places not merely beyond the reach of Law enforcement, but beyond the laws that define our nation."

"I don't believe Apple or Google set out to create a device to protect Human Traffickers, but this is the result."

On the bright side of all this, almost everyone else in the room shredded these two for their ignorance on this very important issue.


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