CIA Torture Report Released - Clear Evidence Of Criminal Acts Perpetrated By The CIA, Yet No One Will Be Prosecuted

Everyone, literally everyone on the planet, should be angry with the CIA for this.  I'm angry for a number of reasons:

  1. Torture is simply wrong at the most fundamental moral and ethical level.  If anything at all can be defined as purely evil, it is torture.
  2. Torture does not produce quality Intelligence.
  3. Torture is illegal.
  4. No one will be punished or prosecuted for this.
  5. Disgusted that a major political party in the USA, the Republicans, were against publicizing this report.
  6. As a US Citizen, these barbaric acts were carried out in my name, for the sake of "protecting" me.
  7. I am powerless to do anything about it.

Let's look at the first 2 points on this list.  Some individuals have falsely believed that if point 2 were not the case, if torture did in fact produce quality Intelligence (it doesn't), then; in some extreme circumstance, torture might be the morally correct thing to do.  "Torture one person to save a million people" is generally how the argument goes.  This argument is pure nonsense, created in the imaginations of Hollywood.  Point 1 completely nullifies this argument.  Torture is utterly and completely wrong.  An individual or a society who would carry out torture in the name of security has entirely lost any claim to the moral high-ground, or to legitimate self-defense.  Let's put it another way: If one million people would torture one person in order to save themselves; Those million people are not worth saving.

Moving on to the 3rd & 4th point; Torture is illegal, but no one will be prosecuted.  There can be no argument that the things detailed in this report constitute torture.  We can finally stop playing silly word games like "Enhanced Interrogation" and call this what it is: Torture, pure and simple.  We know that torture took place and was perpetrated by individuals in the employ of the CIA.  Why isn't anyone going to go to jail forever over this?  What would it take to prosecute someone for this?  The barriers to prosecution are not legal in nature.  Anyone building a case on this would have a very solid case against a number of individuals.  The barriers to prosecution are entirely political.  President Obama has made it clear that he would rather focus on the future than dwell on the past.  A pure bullshit response intended to cover his own ass and the asses of every other high level government official who had anything to do with this.  Why does he need to cover his own ass?  As quickly as he moved to shut down the "enhanced interrogation" programs, it is highly likely that torture took place under his watch.  He has to cover his ass.  No one will be prosecuted while this administration is in office.  The next administration is likely to be Republican, and let's be really honest here about the Republican party over the last decade; they have been pro-torture.  They won't be prosecuting anyone over this, either.

That brings me to point 5.  The Republicans didn't want this report released.  Their reasoning was that this report could make people so angry that it could endanger Americans at home and abroad.  You know what?  Maybe that's the price you pay for breaking one of the most basic, universal, moral laws.  People should be mad, Americans & Non-Americans alike.  Maybe there will be consequences for carrying out this level of systematic and institutionalized evil.  No part of me wants anyone to be harmed, particularly not the innocent, but I do desire justice of some kind.  Knowing that no one will ever be prosecuted for this doesn't leave a lot of options to anyone who is truly seeking justice, does it?  How does anyone who was a literal victim of the United States torture program seek justice?  How does their family seek justice?  How would YOU seek justice if you were in their position?  Prosecuting the perpetrators would go a long way toward preventing the kind of violence the Republicans say that they fear; but they will not press for prosecution.  The Republican Party has been apologists for the torture programs from day 1.  They spun it as "enhanced interrogation".  They spun is as "necessary".  They spun it as "gaining critical intelligence."  All lies.  I have no love for the Democrats, but this is just disgusting.

Onward to points 6 & 7.  Torture was carried out in my name, as a US citizen, and I'm powerless to do anything about it.  I can do no more about this than an Iraqi citizen can.  I vote at every chance I get.  Voting is obviously not an effective means of enacting change in the US Government.  There's a lot of reasons for this, and its obviously a very complex issue.  These reasons include but are not limited to: gerrymandering, a two-party system with two parties who aren't really very different, electoral college, how easily swayed US voters are by 30 second TV ads, etc.  Knowing that my vote is a drop in a big, stupid, ocean; what can I do?  I talk to the people around me.  I try to influence them toward rational, moral, thinking & voting.  I put my thoughts on the web occasionally, in hope that someone might find them and also find them helpful.  I started a company (this one) in direct response to the intrusion of the Security-State into the lives of its' citizens, and the citizens of the world.  Of course, I also signed this petition to prosecute the torturers.  For now, I guess that's it.

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