Black Budget Numbers Revealed By Snowden and Washington Post Raise Question: Have Clandestine Agencies Prevented $52.6 Billion per Year In Terror attacks?

This brilliant and beautiful infographic details where exactly that $52.6 Billion per year was spent.

In order to answer the real question, the question of whether or not these agencies are worth their budget, we have to know what plots they have foiled.  A lot of people presume that they don't tell us about every plot that they foil.  This may be less true than some people think.  These agencies are universally desperate for a win right now.  They know that the American People are questioning whether or not they should even exist.

Every American with half a brain is asking why they were incapable of stopping the Boston Marathon bombing.  The Tsarnaev brothers were active on social media, and appear to have made virtually no attempt at encrypting or concealing their electronic transmissions.  If a large portion of this budget is going toward interception and analysis of electronic communications(it is), stopping these guys should have been child's play.  Unfortunately, some fool working in these hilariously ineffective agencies misspelled the last name of the Tsarnaev brothers, which caused this ultra-intrusive, multi-billion dollar illegal spying software to fail.  The big takeaway here: If you have an easy-to-spell last name, they know everything about you.  If you have a hard-to-spell last name: You can probably get away with almost anything.  If some Intelligence Officer is reading this blog post, I'd like to remind you that my last name has an E on the end.  It's Green, like the color, with an E on the end.  You have one job, don't fuck it up.

So how many plots have the foiled?  They have publicly stated that only 1 terror plot was foiled by warrantless wiretapping.  One plot, and this "plot" wasn't actually an actionable plan to harm Americans, it was simply to launder money to terrorist organizations.  I don't know exactly how much money was involved in this plot, but I'm dead certain it didn't come anywhere close to $52.6 Billion.  To be fair, money laundering is basically what the PATRIOT Act was all about, along with taking way our freedoms.

It's hard to place a value on human life.  Right?  Perhaps if they foiled a single plot and saved a single life, it's all been worth it.  Maybe.  I have a feeling that if we did an in-depth analysis we would find that many thousands of lives could be saved in the third world with $52 Billion in wisely allocated food and medical aid.  Again, if any Intelligence Officers are reading, my assertion here is that your job bring zero value to society or the world at large.  You should quit and go work in a third world vaccination clinic, a real one, this time.

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