Prague Has a Bitcoin-Only Cafe

The Washington Post has written a piece on a new cafe in Prague that only accepts the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. While some online businesses accept Bitcoins (VikingVPN does), and a handful of online businesses are bitcoin only, it is unusual to see a brick and mortar location that does not accept the nation's currency.

The Paraleln√≠ Polis Cafe (which is Czech for Parallel World) only accepts bitcoins as payment for services and pays its employees payroll in Bitcoins.

The group that owns the cafe is known for publicity stunts to raise awareness about the increasing risk of corporations encroaching on the lives of the people they are supposed to serve. It is intended to be a working concept for people to see what living in a "decentralized world" would be like.

They plan to install PCs that are running Tor for highly private and secure connections to the internet for customers in the near future.

You can find more information on their Facebook page:

Another small blurb on Spottedbylocals:

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