Linetflix - Netflix Now Officially Works on Linux and Google Chrome

Linux users rejoice! Netflix is finally available on Linux without jumping through hoops and using fake user-agents to enable service.

The streaming video service finally enabled full support for Linux when using the Google Chrome browser. Which, while not our favorite browser for privacy, is substantially better than earlier support.

Google Chrome has support for a special kind of digital rights mangement (DRM) called the Encrypted Media Extension that is used by the Netflix platform, so for now it is the only supported browser.

Here's hoping support for EME will bring on Firefox to the Netflix-Linux boat sometime in the near future.

Here is a discussion on possible Firefox support for EME, which would lead to Netflix support shortly after implementation:

Some developers there have stated that support for EME is on the way, so we should see movement there in the coming months.

Personally, Netflix support was the one thing holding me back from dropping Windows entirely in my home. Hulu, Southparkstudios, Youtube, and other streaming sites have been working for a long time on Linux + Firefox. I may have to install Chrome as a short stopgap while we wait for official Firefox support.

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