How To Run Steam Games On A RAM Drive or RAM Disk - Best Free DimmDrive Alternative

So you want to have nearly instant load times for your steam games? You need to run a RAMdrive.  You don't need to pay money for DimmDrive.  You can simply follow the instructions below for free.

The following instructions will get you there.

  1. Have a 64bit version of Windows.
  2. Have a lot of System Memory(RAM).
  3. Download ImDisk, install it.
  4. Run Imdisk.
  5. Click "Mount New"

    The size of disk you need may vary, I've chosen 16GB here.

  6. A pop-up will inform you that you need to format the new disk before you can use it.

     Press "Ok." and then "Start":

  7. Download and install SteamTool Library Manager.
  8. Make sure Steam is closed.
  9. Create a backup of whatever game you wish to put on your RAMdrive.
    •     In this case I've chosen Planetside 2.
    •     You're creating a backup because if your power goes out, you will lose the entire game and have to re-download from Steam.
  10. Run the SteamTool Library Manager.
  11. On the right side, select "browse" and then select your newly formatted  RAMdrive.  Mine is Disk F:

  12. Select the game you want to move.  Planetside 2, in this case.
  13. Click "Move to Storage."

  14. Hit Start.

  15. Launch the game and enjoy your half-second load times.
  16. If you need to shut down your computer, be sure to move the game back to steam.

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