Prague Has a Bitcoin-Only Cafe

The Washington Post has written a piece on a new cafe in Prague that only accepts the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. While some online businesses accept Bitcoins (VikingVPN does), and a handful of online businesses are bitcoin only, it is unusual to see a brick and mortar location that does not accept the nation's currency.

The Paraleln√≠ Polis Cafe (which is Czech for Parallel World) only accepts bitcoins as payment for services and pays its employees payroll in Bitcoins.

The group that owns the cafe is known for publicity stunts to raise awareness about the increasing risk of corporations encroaching on the lives of the people they are supposed to serve. It is intended to be a working concept for people to see what living in a "decentralized world" would be like.

They plan to install PCs that are running Tor for highly private and secure connections to the internet for customers in the near future.

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Linetflix - Netflix Now Officially Works on Linux and Google Chrome

Linux users rejoice! Netflix is finally available on Linux without jumping through hoops and using fake user-agents to enable service.

The streaming video service finally enabled full support for Linux when using the Google Chrome browser. Which, while not our favorite browser for privacy, is substantially better than earlier support.

Google Chrome has support for a special kind of digital rights mangement (DRM) called the Encrypted Media Extension that is used by the Netflix platform, so for now it is the only supported browser.

Here's hoping support for EME will bring on Firefox to the Netflix-Linux boat sometime in the near future.

Here is a discussion on possible Firefox support for EME, which would lead to Netflix support shortly after implementation:

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New Security Features in the iPhone 6

I've decided to list all of the new security features that Apple decided to integrate into the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

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Web Comic XKCD Explains How Heartbleed Works

The always intelligent web comic XKCD has made a simple explanation of how the heartbleed bug works in laymans terms.

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Beware of False Reviews - VPN Marketing and Affiliate Programs

When I began alpha testing what would eventually become the technology behind VikingVPN, I had no idea what marketing on the internet was like. I only knew network security and speeds, and I strongly disliked the performance of the VPN services that I had tried out. I saw an opportunity to create a service for people like me who were fed up with slow, unreliable, and shoddy networks. Before joining up with my partners and actually starting a serious company, all I knew about internet marketing was that you paid for ads on ad networks and users clicked those ads to hopefully sign up for your service.

Now, two years later, I have a much greater understanding of how this business works.

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Vice Article Details NSA Shortcomings

Vice has posted a new article with a little tongue in cheek humor about the NSA scandal.

I got a good laugh out of it!

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Torrent State of the Union

The battle rages on between copyright holders, internet service providers, governments, and end users over Bittorrent. Often used as a tool of illegal piracy, the torrent community often strikes back as saying it is a tool for good as well, decentralizing downloads and making large transfers of files highly efficient. Some games patch themselves using a bit torrent system to save on bandwidth costs. Some game mods are available on pirate websites for free. Freeware and shareware are delivered over Bittorrent, and torrents are used as a cheap resource for the Linux community to distribute custom distributions of the operating system.

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Google announced it is dropping the open-source Webkit rendering engine that is used in many browsers and is developing its own engine, called Blink.

They have also hinted that the new engine will not only be used in the Chrome web browser, but also in the Chrome OS for smartphones, tablets, e-readers and netbooks. This is a big shift for Google and has advantages and disadvantages going forward. 

Firstly the advantages of moving away from Webkit:

Having a custom rendering engine allows you to create highly optimized code, they can create a very fast and flexible engine to work with.

It also allows you to support bleeding edge features before competitors. If, hypothetically, a new version of HTML were being worked on, Google could forge ahead with early support while others would have to wait for Webkit to be updated.

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How To Run Steam Games On A RAM Drive or RAM Disk - Best Free DimmDrive Alternative

So you want to have nearly instant load times for your steam games? You need to run a RAMdrive.  You don't need to pay money for DimmDrive.  You can simply follow the instructions below for free.

The following instructions will get you there.

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