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your right to privacy.

You are being spied on. Governments, corporations, and criminals all want your internet browsing data. Protect your privacy with VikingVPN Premium VPN Service.

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Our servers are always online and generate a constant trail of false traffic to ensure anonymity.

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Prices starting from $9.99 per month.  Pricing for monthly, 6 month, and annual plans is one click away.

How Viking VPN Works

Not connected? Unprotected.

Normally, your data is sent out from your home, office, or mobile device without security or encryption. Any interested party can look at your traffic to sell, store, alter, or use against you. We create a secure, encrypted tunnel between your computer and our server. We start the connection with a 4096 bit RSA encrypted handshake.  The tunnel is impenetrable and impossible to intercept, alter, or observe, because it is protected with AES 256 CBC bit encryption.

With Viking VPN service, your data is encrypted before it ever leaves your computer. We also provide:

  • An anonymous, Shared, IP Address so your traffic will appear to come from the same IP address as hundreds of other users.
  • Viking VPN generates false traffic constantly, in order to ensure your anonymnity.
  • Advanced 2048 bit HMAC Firewalls to keep you safe from unwanted connections that could jeopardize your security & safety.
  • Privacy you can depend on. Viking VPN will never log your activity on our servers.
  • Great server cluster locations for optimal speed.  Our server list is growing.  Current locations include: US Chicago, US Phoenix, & NL Amsterdam

Secure your connection & privacy with Viking VPN

As the internet becomes less private, it is crucial that anyone concerned with their privacy takes whatever steps necessary to keep others out of their business. Viking VPN service is a fast and affordable way to achieve that goal.

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You can browse privately through our service while using the network at home, work, or a friends house. You can even be on a public WiFi hotspot while taking advantage of our service.

Connect to our VPN servers from any device.

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